Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love Puppy Linux!

All I can say is Wow! Puppy Linux has transformed my slow clunker of a laptop into a very fast, usable machine! The desktop looks great! The applications that came with this OS are perfectly suited for the things I do: web browsing, html editing, simple image editing, etc. I am writing this entry from inside Puppy right now!

My system:

IBM Thinkpad Iseries (1300)?
Intel 500 Mhz processor
128M Ram
Netgear WG511 v3 Wireless Card.

Nothing to brag about, I know, but turing this ancient machine into something I can use with ease everday has made my inner geek very happy! Puppy Linux is highly recommended to bring an old laptop back to life! The wireless was a bit difficult to get going...but a little reading in the forums never hurt anyone that bad.

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